Project Embracin

The project Embracin raised from a small but significant experience of Prof.Calò in Italy, which from a personal experience as host of migrants, developed a scheme called “6+6×6” which in 2018 allow him to won the European Citizen’s prize. It foresses integration policies of migrants avoiding big hosting centres: 6 migrants/refugees every 5,000 with a personalized approach and individual support to each person, in order to allow them a complete path to social and economic integration in 24 months.

So Embracin developed a core network of 4 Municipalities and 2 networks of municipalities from 6 different countries (Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden) willing to share and scale-up this experience, developing and testing a model of integration which can be valid for all European Countries, starting from the assumptions of 6+6×6. Together with the
European network ECCAR European Coalition of Cities against Racism, it will raise awareness and capacity building on integration policies topics among European local authorities, in particular Municipalities with the final aim to increase the number of municipalities which will sign the Memorandum of understanding to promote and engage the Embracin model.

Expected impact: migrant flows are a permanent phenomenon and not a temporary crisis. In order to manage it Eu needs to find a stable and shared solution in order to absorb existent and future flows of persons coming from third countries as migrants. The project will to explore the possibility of developing and testing an European model of integration of Thirdcountry nationals, in order to strengthen European approach to migrant flows. The model proposed will be adaptative and replicable in each Eu country.

Main Outputs: 6 base-line analysis and 6 local Roadmaps for 6+6*6 scheme adaptation through knowledge exchange activities and the creation of Embracin model (WP2); smart awareness raising campaign on integration of migrants for partners and extra-partnership


Commissione Europea – DG Home


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Dicembre 2019 - Novembre 2022

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Prpogramma AMIF-2018-AG-INTE


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